Community Legal Education

As part of our mission to make law more accessible to all, Shoalcoast offers Community Legal Education (CLE) to groups of community workers and members.  Our solicitors tailor their legal education to address the concerns of the audience.  They aim to demystify the law to help the audience understand legal topics as they relate to them.

Examples of Community Legal Education we offer are:

  • COVID-19 and the Law – an exploration of how the COVID-19 laws have affected welfare entitlements, employment, tenancy, family law and credit and debt matters
  • Planning Ahead – an overview of wills, powers of attorney, and guardianship tailored for Seniors
  • Family Law and Family Violence – explaining how the laws relating to domestic violence interact with the Family law system

If you would like us to tailor-make a CLE (Community Legal Education) session for your group,  please contact the Centre using the form below

Images from the Community Legal Centre’s Info Bingo

Group of people seated at a round table
Group of people at a Community Legal Education Info Bingo Session
Photograph of a people seated at large tables in a large hall
Photo of a group of people in a meeting sitting at a large table

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