About Us

Our Vision

To live in an inclusive and equitable society that embraces social justice, where professional legal services and support is available to all, regardless of social or economic status.

Our Mission

To provide free, easily accessible and professional legal services that support vulnerable members of our communities when they need it most.

Our Values

Our values lay the foundation for what Shoalcoast cares about most. They provide a common purpose we understand, work towards and live by.

Meet the team

Administration & intake team

Our dedicated team will handle your request for legal advice with professionalism and a smile. Our team is made up of 5 experienced staff who are happy to help you.

Solicitor team

Our legal team consists of 6 Generalist Solicitors, and our Principal Solicitor. Our experienced generalist solicitors look after allocated Local Government Areas in our catchment. Our solicitors provide legal advice and assistance over the phone or in person and are always happy to help.

Projects team

Shoalcoast auspices the Cooperative Legal Services Delivery Program (CLSD) for the South Coast. One of our Solicitors, Erin, coordinates this program. The program focuses on collaborating local legal and non-legal services to ensure that unmet legal needs in the South Coast and Southern Tablelands are addressed.