Our Goals

Having goals that we are passionate about gives us a guide and enables us to measure our progress year on year.
Shoalcoast's eight strategic objectives for 2021/22 are:
  1. Provide an efficient generalist legal service offering discrete and ongoing legal assistance to disadvantaged members of the local community.

  2. Promote Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre’s services, in line with the Centre’s mission and goals.

  3. Identify and contribute to law reform issues that promote systemic change to the advantage of Shoalcoast Community Legal centre’s clients

  4. Identify and implement strategies to manage the long term sustainability of the service.

  5. Ensure that Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre is a culturally safe place for our staff and all communities we work with.

  6. Identify and respond to needs in our service delivery area in relation to Family Law/Family Violence/Domestic violence

  7. Continue to build and maintain our relationships with the Indigenous community through our centre services.

  8. Auspice and run the CLSD (Cooperative Legal Services Delivery Program) for the South Coast.C

Our numbers for 2021 / 20122

Clients served
Legal advice by phone
In person legal help
Information and referrals
Stakeholder engagements
Community Legal Education Sessions

Our Services

Free Legal Advice

Got a legal issue? Need help understanding legal documents? Unsure where you stand legally? Find out how Shoalcoast can help you.

Law Reform

Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre works to positively change laws and policies for the benefit of our clients.

Community Legal Education

As part of our mission to make law more accessible to all, Shoalcoast offers Community Legal Education (CLE) to groups of community workers and members.


A variety of resources and factsheets to assist you and ensure that anyone can access help when they need it.