Our Values

Our values lay the foundation for what Shoalcoast cares about most. They provide a common purpose we understand, work towards and live by.
Our values drive us to provide free, easily accessible and professional legal services that support vulnerable members of our communities when they need it most.

One for all.

We offer respect and support, not judgement or bias. Our professional legal services are genuinely inclusive and available to all. We truly care.

Community to the core.

We are about fostering a more informed, empowered and stronger community where everyone is respected, supported and heard.

Time worth taking.

We provide high levels of professional legal services, delivered with empathy, patience and compassion. We take the time to truly understand our clients and their unique situations, before explaining the best ways forward using plain English.

Big picture focus.

Every client’s legal situation is unique. We go further to see the complete picture, so we can offer the right combination of options, information and support. We provide a holistic service and link to other experts when required.

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Our Services

Free Legal Advice

Got a legal issue? Need help understanding legal documents? Unsure where you stand legally? Find out how Shoalcoast can help you.

Law Reform

Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre works to positively change laws and policies for the benefit of our clients.

Community Legal Education

As part of our mission to make law more accessible to all, Shoalcoast offers Community Legal Education (CLE) to groups of community workers and members.


A variety of resources and factsheets to assist you and ensure that anyone can access help when they need it.