Help with Family

Are you separating? Do you want advice or assistance making decisions about how to make parenting arrangements? Do you want advice on how to divide up your property fairly? Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre can give you advice but there are also some specialist services and websites that may be of help.

Family Relationship Centre

The Family Relationship Centre provides information about families, at all stages.

Family and Community Services (FACS)

Family and Community Services is the governing body for protecting children and young people from harm

Family Law Early Intervention Unit

The Family Law Early Intervention Unit is a Legal Aid branch that provides a statewide specialist family aw service.


Parentline offers free advice and counselling to parents and carers, they also offer a wide variety of tools on their website.

Amica is a simple, affordable and quick way for couples to agree on parenting, property and money issues when they separate.

The new Court provides a modern, transparent and more efficient system of justice aimed at assisting parties through the process as safely quickly and fairly as possible without undue cost and delay.

Our Resources


Help with Safety

Do you feel unsafe or you’re dealing with an unsafe situation? We can give you advice and assistance as well as introduce you to services and websites that may help you get through your situation.

Specialist legal Advice

Welfare, Senior services, Refugee or Youth issues, we can assist in finding specialist legal services.

Family Services

Do you need assistance with family related matters such as separation or divorce? We can advise on Family Law and connect you with service providers or resources to help you and your loved ones.

Financial Services

Are you struggling with managing your finances, bill or debts? We can introduce you to specialist services that may be able to help you get back on top of your financial situation.


I need to be heard

Have you experienced unfair or inappropriate behaviour in the workplace? Have you received bad service and you don’t know how to tell your story? We’ll listen and direct you to services that may be able to assist you.


Help Now

Across the Shoalhaven, Eurobodalla, Bega Valley, Snowy Monaroa and Queanbyean-Palerang we operate a number of local legal clinics so that anyone can access help when they need it.