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Welfare Rights Centre

The Welfare Rights Centre (WRC) is a free, specialist legal service. Specialising in social security law, family assistance law and its administration by Centrelink, the Welfare Rights Centre is dedicated to assisting clients with income support or social security issues.

Welfare Rights Centre opened in 1983, in apart of the community legal centre movement, that started due to the lack affordable legal advice available to disenfranchised members of the community. WRC was originally cohabiting with Redfern Community Legal Centre, but opened their own practice in 1985. While staff, location and funding have changed since starting in 1983, the quality of care provided by NSW’s lead service for welfare and social security law.

Due to the current health situation, the Welfare Rights Centre physical office is currently closed. WRC is still assisting clients, the advice line is open on Tuesday morning. The Welfare Rights website also has information about welfare support services available during this health situation. 

Welfare Rights Centre is able to assist with:

  • Social security
  • Entitlements and obligations
  • Social security reviews 
  • Social security appeals, including Centrelink internal reviews and Administrative Appeals Tribunal

All initial advice by phone. 

Legal information, advice and representation is offered to clients of the Welfare Rights Centre, and thousands of clients across NSW are assisted each year. WRC also offers education to clients and the community to improve general knowledge and understanding of the social security law within the community. The information and knowledge obtained through casework, is then used for advocacy and law reform.

Welfare Rights also provides Community Legal Education (CLE), various training opportunities, law reform and lobbying.

Contact The Welfare Rights Centre

Phone: 1800 226 028 (free call)

Website: welfarerightscentre.org.au

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