Shoalcoast Community Legal Centre is still operational and ready to take your call. Please call our number 1800 229 529 and speak to our admin team. They will complete a client intake and a Solicitor will call you back.

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Our Projects and People

Shoalcoast is always looking for ways to create opportunities, engage with the community and make change. Throughout the year, Shoalcoast coordinates a series of projects for the community.

Our Projects

Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Program (CLSD)

Cooperative Legal Service Delivery Program (CLSD) addresses unmet legal need in our area and aims to achieve better outcomes for vulnerable and disadvantaged people through the collaboration of legal and non-legal services.

Court Support 


Shoalcoast’s court support program provides information, support and assistance to court users on List Days. This is available in the Batemans Bay and Nowra Local Courts.

Community Legal Education (CLE)

Shoalcoast offers community legal education on a wide variety of topics, including wills, tenancy, employment and more.
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Koori Community Touch Footy Fun Day

Koori Community Touch Footy Fun Day is a community event day facilitated by Shoalcoast each year in Spring. The day is supported by local services, and there is always plenty to do. 

Meet your Shoalcoast Team

Our dedicated team will handle your request for legal advice with professionalism and a smile. Our team is made up of 4 experienced staff (Centre Manager – Emma, Jasmine, Rebecca and Caryn) who are happy to help you.

Our legal team consists of 9 Generalist Solicitors, 2 Paralegals, and our Principal Solicitor (Justine). Our experienced generalist solicitors look after allocated Local Government Areas in our catchment. Our solicitors provide legal advice and assistance over the phone or in person and are always happy to help.

Abby – Covid Project Solicitor and Wreck Bay outreach

Emily – Paralegal

Erica – Bushfire Project Solicitor

Francesco – Generalist Solicitor (all areas)

Kathryn – Shoalhaven (postcode 2540 and surrounds)

Lachlan – Paralegal

Louisa – Shoalhaven (postcode 2541)

Ruth – Bega Valley 

  • Shoalcoast runs the Volunteer Court Support Program at Nowra Local Court and Batemans Bay Local Court.  This great program of approximately 25 volunteers is run by our Volunteer Coordinator, Jane.
  • Shoalcoast auspices the Cooperative Legal Services Delivery Program (CLSD) for the South Coast.  One of our Solicitors, Liz, coordinates this program. The program focuses on collaborating local legal and non-legal services to ensure that unmet legal needs are addressed.

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