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Famiy Relationship Centre (FRC)

The Family Relationship Centre is a state-government funded organisation designed to assist families find the best possible options for the family. The FRC is can assist with developing relationships- forming new relationships, moving past relationship issues and separation. 

The FRC is able to assist with:

  • Relationship breakdowns or distress.
  • Abusive or unhealthy realtionships.
  • Separation and divorce.
  • Separation of assets.
  • Parenting arrangements and orders.
  • Child welfare.
  • Child support.
  • Services available to children.

Family Relationship Centres also specialise in providing joint Family Dispute Resolution mediation sessions. This can happen with the other parent or family members.

Staff at the Family Relationship Centre are also able to refer on to specialist services like family counselling or parenting programs.

Seminars, programs, and informations are also made available via the Family Relationship Centre.

Family Relationship Centres are a free service. Information, referral and individual sessions are free. Centres can also provide up to one hour of Family Dispute Resolution for free. 

Clients earning more than $50,000 gross income per year will be asked to pay $30 per hours for the second, and third hours of Family Dispute Resolution


Phone: 1800 050 321

Website: httpss://

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