Recent Publications

Family Law Property Settlement Workbook

This resource has been published by Shoalcoast in 2013 and is available for purchase for $4.00 plus postage (or copies can be picked up from our office or an outreach location).  This workbook can help if you have separated from your husband or partner and are:

  • Trying to mediate to reach a property settlement
  • Preparing an application to a court for a property settlement.

Written in plain English and with a step by step guide with worksheets this is an excellent resource for women, particularly women from culturally diverse backgrounds.  A summary sheet of the resource is available in six languages: Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Persian and Indonesian.  These can be emailed out for free.

Shoalcoast Solicitors are available to deliver community legal education sessions to groups of parents/grandparents on topics covered in the resource and other legal issues they may need information about.  Contact Shoalcoast on 4422 9529 to discuss your needs.

Youth Law Diary Fact sheets

Available on the website under Publications
Our Youth Law Diary fact sheets available on our website cover a broad range of legal topics relevant to young people and have been updated in 2013.  If your agency would like more information on one of these legal topics we can attend your school or youth service to deliver a community legal education session on these topics.  Please contact Shoalcoast on 4422 9529 to discuss your needs.